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Localizing and Mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the County Government Level in Kenya

The 47 County Governments have embarked on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into their Development Plans. This follows a consultative forum with various County Planners, Officials from the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the United Nations in establishing the key priority areas, while integrating relevant targets and indicators in the national and county plans.

Speaking during the official opening of the forum, the Kenya Government Economic Planning Secretary Joseph Mukui said for the SDGs to be successfully implemented in Kenya, the goals relevant to the development context of the country will have to be fully integrated in both national and county development plans. “There is political good will, which implies that the county governments will be at the forefront of planning and budgeting, while at the same time incorporating institutional offices that will ensure consistency in managing the agenda” said Mukui.

There were also calls to align Africa’s Agenda 2063 – the 50 year transformative agenda adopted by African Countries, with the Sustainable Development Goals. The ministry of devolution and planning official, Jackson Kiprono said the two frameworks were in harmony since they intend to achieve inclusive growth, sustainable development and peace for all. “There is convergence between the global and regional agendas and you will not that the first 10 years of the implementation plan of the Agenda 2030 embraces all the 17 SDGs” he said.

The County Development Planners exuded confidence that the Counties have an opportunity to improve the lives of the people of Kenya and the 17 SDGs provide a great platform to evaluate progress and work on the existing gaps to ensure that no one is left behind. They noted that priorities will vary from county to county depending on their development priorities and challenges. They also called for more Advocacy and sensitization of communities on the global goals saying they need to be understood at the grass root level to ensure that they are embraced.