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My attention is drawn to the allegations made against me by one Mr Cheboi which same contents were aired by Citizen TV. The allegations are also in social media. I wish to state as follows:

  1. The allegations are completely false and fictitious.
  1. Secondly, the allegations were based on the premise that I was induced to operationalize the PBO Act. I would like to bring to the attention of the public that the said Mr. Cheboi was first to congratulate me on commencement of the PBO Act.
  1. In addition, on 15th March 2016, Hon Justice Sergon issued a court order restraining amongst others, Stephen Cheboi, from representing or in any way carrying out the business of the National Council of NGOs until matters pending before the Court are heard and determined.
  1. In the statement dated 18th October 2016, Stephen Cheboi has signed off as the Chairman of the National Council of NGOs in direct violation of court orders. I leave it to the public to judge his credibility. Since the court orders are in place I do not wish to engage further with the matter.
  1. On the issue of the purported affidavit filed with the EACC I want to state as follows:

Firstly, the copy I have was not sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths. Secondly, the author of the statement did not give his ID or passport number raising serious questions about the veracity of the statement. Thirdly, the said accomplices who were allegedly delivering money have since publicly refuted the statements as unfounded and baseless.

  1. The Directorate of Immigration and Registration of Persons has written to me to state that no visa or work permit has ever been issued to a person known as Delphine Bram Christopher. The relevant authorities are unable to trace any record of such a person.
  1. It is my humble request that EACC should furnish Kenyans with the full details of the person known as Christopher at the earliest possible opportunity so that the identity of the person can be known.
  1. That I am aware I am a public figure and subject to close scrutiny from all. I continue to welcome criticism from all.
  1. As you are aware, we have some issues with the NGO sector and I want to state as follows:
  1. The NGO Coordination Board has faced numerous challenges in the execution of its mandate. In view of the above circumstances, I have today dissolved the Board of the NGO Coordination Board.
  1. It has further been brought to my attention that the Mr. Mahamed Yusuf Fazul, Executive Director of the NGO Coordination Board did not meet the requisite qualifications at the time of his interview and appointment.
  1. In view of the above circumstances, I have today decided that he proceeds on leave immediately as the matter is investigated. Mr. Ali Mohamed Yussuf, Deputy Director, Human Resource Management and Development has been appointed to act as Acting Executive Director with immediate effect.
  1. Finally, I wish that we leave the matter to the investigating authorities.