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Tenders 2018

  1. Advertisement for Consultancy Services 2018
  2. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/4/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for Technical Assistance to the Ministry on Development of Guidelines on Joint Committees and Joint Authorities
  3. Tender No. MODP/SDD/REP/5/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for Provision of Technical Assistance in Developing Regulations for Intergovernmental Consultative Sectoral Forums
  4. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/6/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for Verification of County Capacity Building plans
  5. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/7/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for the Development of a Policy Framework on Regional Economic Blocks
  6. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/8/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for Team Building and Institutional Strengthening for the State Department of Devolution
  7. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/9 – Consultancy services foe Annual Capacity & Performance Assessment (ACPA) Finacial Year 2018.2019 for the 47 Counties
  8. Tender No. MODP/SDD/RFP/10/2017-2018 – Consultancy Services for Review of the National Capacity Building Framework (NCBF)